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4 Top Tips for Ingrown Toenails

April 06, 20232 min read

An ingrown toenail is one of the most common conditions that often presents in this clinic. 


What is an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail occurs when a sharp corner at the side of the nail grows into the surrounding skin. Usually the skin around the site will appear inflamed and red as our body tries to protect itself against the sharp nail. They are often very painful and can easily become infected. 


1.Trim your nails carefully: Cutting the toenails too short can cause the skin at the nail edge to grow over the nail as it grows out again, pushing it into the underlying skin. It is best to avoid cutting the nails too short to ensure this does not happen. Likewise, cut the nails straight across rather than trying to curve the edges, this can cause an ingrown toenail by the same mechanism mentioned above. 


2.Footwear and Hosiery: Ensure you are wearing the correct size footwear and socks. Wearing the correct size socks and shoes will decrease the chances of an ingrown toenail occurring. Shoes or socks that are too small or too tight place increased pressure on the nail causing it to grow inwards at the sides. 


3.Use Nail Clippers: When trimming the nails it is best to use nail clippers rather than scissors. This allows more control when trimming the nails and helps to avoid curving the nails too much. Also, trim the nails regularly to ensure they don’t grow too long.


4.See a Podiatrist: If you think you may have an ingrown toenail it is best to see a Podiatrist to get some conservative chiropody treatment. It is a very effective treatment if you have had the problem for a short amount of time. This type of management will involve removing the spicule of the nail that is causing pain. Often ingrown toenails are a recurring issue meaning that you may need more than one treatment. 


If an ingrown toenail has been present for a longer period of time and is not responding to conservative management, your podiatrist may advise nail surgery for you as a more permanent solution.

It is a very simple procedure where the toe is numbed with local anaesthetic, and the problematic piece of nail is removed. A chemical is then applied to the nail bed to ensure the nail does not regrow.

There is very little down time with this surgery which is also a bonus so people can get back on their feet ASAP. 

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