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4 tips to let your footwear keep you injury free

Uncategorized May 11, 2021

Now that the shops are reopening I could really do with a new pair of runners. 

I was down with my son at his hurling training the other evening and was telling one of the other dads that I cant wait to get a new pair and he proceeded to tell me about a pair he had bought online, spent a fortune on, and discovered they don't suit him.

It occurred to me that not everyone knows what to look for in a new shoe.


Whether the shoes are new or old, check to see if the following apply to your feets wardrobe in order to keep you active this summer.


Where does the shoe bend…..

If you take any advice off me today, let it be this.

The area where your shoe bends, is very important. Your shoe should bend at your big toe joint ie. where your big toe meets your foot.

This is to help your foot bend at the big toe when you're walking forward by pushing off the ball of your foot. 

Next part is equally as important; the shoe should not be able to bend anywhere else. If it...

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Worried You May Need Bunion Surgery? Here's How To Avoid It

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

Bunions are one of the most common issues that we treat from week to week in the clinic.

However, they are something that our patients are usually very worried about as they usually don’t want to end up like a friend or relative who they say have “terrible feet”. 


What is a bunion?

Bunions or the fancy name “Hallux Abducto Valgus” is a deformity of the big toe joint. It occurs when the big toe drifts sideways towards the the lesser toes, sometimes even pushing the second or third toes out the way. At the same time the forefoot widens making the fitting of shoes difficult. In extreme cases people may need bunions shoes!


Here are a few facts and tips that should help to put you at ease if you are worried that you are developing bunions.

  • Muscular Imbalance - Bunions are initially caused by a muscle on one side of the big toe joint being stronger than a muscle on the other side. Muscles will always adapt to their shortest length, so...
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Is Your Child Wearing The Right Size Shoes?

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021

How confident are you that you know your child’s true shoe size?

Properly fitting shoes are a must-have for babies, toddlers and children of all ages. Wearing footwear that isn’t well fitted or properly designed for their delicate, growing feet can lead to poor development and foot problems down the road.

In fact, a recent study by the college of podiatry shows that nearly 30 percent of children are wearing the wrong size shoes, which could permanently damage their feet!

As your child starts to explore the world around them, make sure their shoes support them every step of the way.



Signs your childs shoes are too small


Here are some telltale signs that your kiddo has outgrown their shoes:

  • their shoes cause blisters or press deeply into the skin.
  • their toes are jammed against the front of the shoe. there should always be enough space in the toe box to press the tip of your thumb down without hitting a toe.
  • your child appears less...
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The Dangers of Walking Barefoot - Foreign Bodies

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2021

As the majority of us are working from home, walking barefoot or wearing slippers has become the new work attire. However, we have heard many times: do not walk barefoot. 


Most people will usually listen because it is not the nicest of feelings walking on a piece of glass or lego or picking up a skin infection like a verruca.

Well here is some news for you, there are many other weird and wonderful things that you can stand on, pick up or cause damage to when walking barefoot. 


There are many of us this year that have introduced a new furry friend to the family. As many dogs shed, their hair can stick to blankets, couches and rugs.

As you walk barefoot around the house with your dog walking beside you, there is a chance that one of your dogs hairs can pierce through the top layer of your skin. 

Hair splinters look like splinters from wood or other materials. They can become quite painful and left untreated can become quite harmful. 



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Foot Problems During and After Pregnancy

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2021

Sometimes pregnancy can cause a few different problems with your feet.

When listed together they can sound scary and intimidating but they’re not!

Knowing what to expect and why will help you in dealing with these issues if they appear. 

Common changes in the foot during pregnancy include; 

1.Changes in foot size and arch height: During pregnancy, the levels of the hormones Oestrogen and Relaxin increase in the body. These hormones stretch the collagen (protein) within the foot making it more flexible. This can cause the foot to expand and grow. 


2.Foot and ankle joints often become more flexible due to increased elasticity of muscles in the feet. This change can cause instability which along with the changes to the curvature of your back can alter the way you walk to keep stability. 


3.Laxity in the ligaments and muscles of the feet also allow the foot to roll in more easily which puts more stress on the inside of your foot, increasing the...

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Fungal Nails

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2021

What are fungal nails? 

Fungal nails occur when your nail becomes infected with a type of fungus. Many people suffer with fungal nails, so do not worry you are not alone!

Fungal nails can affect your feet and toes. 


It usually begins with a small yellow spot, but as it spreads it takes over the nail which causes the colour to become more yellow, sometimes you may find the nail to become thicker or crumble. 

Why do fungal nails develop?

This is probably the question you would be asking yourself, well how did I get it? 

Unfortunately aging is the most common cause of fungal nails due to the nails growing at a slower rate, becoming thicker which increases the chance of infection. 


Fungal nails can spread from 1 toe to another if the infection gets worse.


It is important to realise aging isn't the only factor that you should be aware of, poor circulation, diabetes, athletes foot and injury can cause fungal infections to occur. 


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Why do my feet have a burning sensation?

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021

Do you get spontaneous waves of burning feelings in the feet? Does the burning feeling in your feet keep you awake at night?

If so you’re definitely not alone. It can be quite concerning to feel unusual sensations that seem outside of your control - especially when you can’t pinpoint a specific cause or trigger.

This burning sensation can also be accompanied by some tingling, numbness, pins and needles, sensitivity to cold/sharp/blunt, and other altered or heightened sensations.


Feelings of burning in the feet can affect anyone, but are most common in those over 50 years. The symptoms tend to worsen at night and ease during the day - though some symptoms get worse when walking.


Possible causes of burning feet:

Nerve damage from diabetes-

Diabetes can cause damage to the nerves in our feet. As our nerves are responsible for what we feel, when they become hyperactive or sensitive as a result of the damage, they can send pain and burning signals to our brain...

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Pain Under My Big Toe... What Could It Be?

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021

The majority of the time your big toe stays  out of sight and out of mind, hidden beneath our socks and shoes and it’s easy to forget how important it is. However, if you have ever had toe pain, you know it can keep you off your feet and up at night. This toe has to do a lot of work to allow us to walk and has to bear about 50% of your body weight every time you take a step.  


Possible causes of pain under your big toe: 


Are your feet changing shape? Do you see a prominent bump at the side and base of your big toe? Do you notice any swelling at the base of the big toe? These are some signs indicating you have a bunion. There are a number of causes as to why you would develop a bunion including genetics, arthritis, and improper footwear. Bunions can be very painful, making it difficult to wear shoes or walk very far. 

Treatment options include ice-packs, orthotics, wider fitting footwear and strengthening the muscles...

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What Does A Podiatrist Actually Do?🤷

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021

When someone has a foot injury sometimes they are not sure where to go.

Sometimes they go to a physio or a gp which is fine, but if you had a tooth ache you would go see a dentist (specialist in teeth) or if you had a problem with your eyesight you would see an optometrist (eye specialist)... So if you have a problem with your feet you should see a Podiatrist- A Foot Specialist.


A podiatrist specialises in treating and managing conditions of the lower legs and foot. Podiatrists treat a wide range of foot pain and foot problems, and they undergo focused education and training to provide the best care for injuries of the feet.

A podiatry degree takes 3-4 years depending on where you study. This involves clinical placements and classroom study including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and lots, lots more.


When it comes to looking after your health, it’s easy to forget about your feet. However, healthy feet play a huge role in your overall well being. Problems...

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Pain Along The Top Of My Foot.... What Could It Be?

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2021

So you're out for a walk or maybe you’ve returned from a walk and you get this pain along the top of your foot and you ask yourself, what could it be?

What’s causing this pain? What can I do to stop it? 


The pain may be in one exact location on the top of your foot or maybe it’s close to the toes, toward the inside of your arch or right in the middle of your foot. There might be pain when you walk, run or stand for long periods of time and there may be a bit of swelling and tenderness in the area. 

The pain might not be enough to limp, but the pain you feel when running, walking or even just standing is constant enough that you can’t just “walk it off.”

So what is causing my pain? 


Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, ligaments and nerves that hold it all together. As a result, there are many potential causes, depending on the exact location and severity of the pain. Some of the causes may...

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