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Before You Book Your Appointment, Here's Just A Handful Of Our Patients Success Stories To Put Your Mind At Ease

Before You Book Your Appointment, Here's Just A Handful Of Our Patients Success Stories To Put Your Mind At Ease

Here Are Just Some of The People We've Helped  Keep Active & Mobile,  Avoid Painkillers, Surgeons, And Are Living The Life They Want.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"My foot pain was stopping me from walking 1km, let alone 120km..."

When Anthony visited Achilles Foot Clinic, he had one goal: to walk the Camino from Bilbao to Santander — All 120km of it!

However, Anthony could barely walk 1km due to the chronic pain he was feeling on the underside of his foot. After a few visits to Achilles Foot Clinic, Anthony was prescribed custom orthotics and a recovery plan.

Did Anthony get to fulfill his goal of walking 120km? Watch his success story to find out!


"For over 2 years I paid countless consultants to help fix my knee pain... but after just one visit Achilles Foot Clinic my pain was gone"

When Jean visited the Achilles Foot Clinic, she had been suffering from knee pain for over two years.

But unfortunately, she was no closer to solving her problem after paying countless consultants.

After seeing an ad in her local newspaper from Achilles Foot Clinic she decided to give it one last try. Jean's knee pain was relieved after only one visit!

This meant Jean could get back to doing the things she loves, like walking the Camino


"My foot pain in both feet was so bad that I could barely get out of bed let alone even consider running a half marathon"

Before Finbar visited the Achilles Foot Clinic, he was suffering from severe pain in both his feet that made it even difficult to get out of bed, let alone run a half marathon, which was one of his goals.

Finbar thought it was because he was getting old, but it turned out he had painful plantar fasciitis.

Finbar started a two-and-a-half-month treatment plan that included exercises to stretch the tendon and custom orthotics to give his foot support.

As a result, Finbar was able to line up and compete in the half marathon, which was something that he never thought he would be able to do.


"I've gone from being unable to walk less than 30 minutes to now walking for 5.5 hours."

After seeing two consultants for her chronic knee pain, Nuala decided to visit the Achilles Foot Clinic.

But, the worst part was that her knee pain stopped her from doing things she loved, like hill walking.

As a result, her knee pain prevented her from walking for more than 30 mins.

After Nuala completed her treatment plan, she could return to hill walking and keep walking for up to 5.5 hours.


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We are on the 220 bus route

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