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Here are some the people we helped Keep Active & Mobile Avoid Painkillers, Surgeons & Living The Life They Want.

I thought a long time before deciding to go to Achilles Foot Clinic  because I went for physiotherapy before without much success. I still ended up with knee and back pain after the physio. So I didn’t want to pay for something that might not work. I was very pleasantly surprised with the results I got with Achilles Foot Clinic

The staff were very professional and friendly and made me feel at ease. They explained everything to me in detail.I would recommend to anyone suffering pain to pay a visit to Achilles Foot Clinic it certainly would  be worth their while,my overall experience was very pleasant . My experience with the whole team was a good one and they gave me very effective exercises to do. They emailed all the exercises and kept in contact with me,so I could contact them if I had problems. The aftercare I got from Achilles Foot Clinic was excellent,if I got pain again I would definitely pay them a visit.

Eileen Ryan, Cork City

I had to give up distance walking because of foot, knee, and hip problems.

 Then, on attending the Lorcan and the team I was supplied with a pair of orthotic shoe-inserts that immediately relieved me of all leg problems.  After wearing the orthotics for a number of months I was then able to manage without them and to return to distance walking and hillwalking without any problems with my feet, knees, or hips.

About two years ago I injured a muscle in my lower back.  Pain and spasm made movement difficult, even preventing me from being able to turn in bed at one stage.  On attending the physical therapist at Achilles Foot Clinic, I received immediate relief from back pain, and also an immediate return to suppleness.

 Since treatment, my back has remained completely trouble-free.

John J. Mullins, Cork

I brought my 10 year old son to the clinic because he was experiencing pain in his heel.

He saw Lorcan who examined his feet and quickly diagnosed Severs. It was explained clearly to us what causes Severs and what treatment would be required. They made insoles to be worn as part of the treatment and showed my son exercises to do every day.

Everyone was very practical and sympathetic in their approach to resting the foot as my son was involved in a lot of sports and he allowed him to pick one sport which he could continue to do on a limited basis while refraining from all other sports.

The treatment worked within a few months and my son was delighted to get back to full activity after.

I found the service and treatment to be excellent, practical and very friendly and I would recommend it to anybody.

Mairéad Owens, Cork City

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