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Most People Don’t Know These Facts About Orthotics

April 15, 20234 min read

Most People Don’t Know These Facts About Orthotics

  • Pronation/flat feet is normal and usually does not require orthotics at all.

  • Orthotics are usually not for life, in our clinic they are normally 18-36 months

  • Orthotics do not have to be worn all day every day

  • In Ireland unfortunately most people handing out Orthotics have done a weekend course or none at all.

I firmly believe that…

Nobody Should Be Given Orthotics Unless They Really Really Need Them.


I have made it my mission in Achilles Foot Clinic to tell people like you the truth regarding orthotics and why we continually invest in the Latest and Most Cutting Edge Technology when it comes to resolving our patients Foot Pain.

The world of orthotics is seeing some exciting developments as we move away from the traditional practice of creating orthotics toward a more sustainable, patient friendly service.

So What Are Orthotics?

 Orthotics are shoe inserts worn to give support to an injured or weak part of the body which is causing pain, discomfort or damage. A device that is vital for day to day comfort must be made with the closest attention to detail and speed to provide a patient with lasting relief as soon as possible.

Traditional Limitations

Until recently, the skilled construction of orthotics has been difficult to perfect. Between consultations, measurements, design and moulds, a patient could be waiting a number of weeks to receive the support which will revolutionise their standard of life.

The limitations on mixed materials and the obvious flaws which come with using a mould have put a cap on how much can be achieved in treating patients with ailments such as back pain and arthritis. The needs identified by a podiatrist were not necessarily being met by the best solution available.

Moving Forward: 3D Scanning And Printing

This new practice for creating orthotics has proven to be revolutionary in that the limitations of the traditional practice have all been addressed and remedied.

The first stage of the process is an advanced 3-dimensional scan of that which enhances the accuracy of the orthotic by detailing the exact dimensions necessary down to less than a millimetre! This will cause no discomfort to the patient and is significantly less invasive than the previous method .

The scan is then used to produce the highest quality orthotic using a mix of materials, thicknesses and flexibility catered perfectly to the needs of the individual patient. While this was always the aim in the traditional method, the level of accuracy now achieved is unparalleled.

One of the most incredible achievements of this technology is how much it has reduced the waiting time. 

This technology works seamlessly with the knowledge of your podiatrist as to the precise, custom needs of each individual to patient eliminating frustration, discomfort and wasted time.Since the manufacturing process is machine-based, 3D printing minimises human error, optimising the consistency of the end product.

From Scan to Fitting Appointment

At Achilles Foot Clinic we pride ourselves in specialising in orthotic therapy. 

Our process from scanning your foot to your fitting appointment ensures you are given the highest quality and expertise.

  1. Following your consultation, your podiatrist will take a 3D impression of both of your feet for custom made foot orthoses. This will be done by taking a 3D scan using the state of the art AOMS cast scanner. The podiatrist will then write your prescriptions considering your foot pathology, footwear, weight and shoe size. This is how they are truly custom made.

  1. This scan and prescription are then sent to our manufacturer which is a premium custom-made orthoses company. It is here that the Technical team receives your 3D scan. They make the necessary corrections to intrinsically balance the foot based on the prescription.

  2. When your orthotics are returned to the clinic, your podiatrist will then double check them and clear them for dispense.

  3. Your podiatrist will then see you for a fitting appointment and advise you on what way to wear your orthotics ‘to break them in’, We will then see you again for a review consultation to ensure that your orthotics are of the highest quality, truly custom made and working specifically for your need.


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