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Paddy's Day- Make Sure Your Dancing Shoes Fit Properly☘️

March 10, 20233 min read

St. Patricks Day Checklist:

Plenty of green to wear- including embarrassingly big hats 

Prepare for all types of weather- sunglasses and umbrellas 

Dance to traditional Irish music - imitate the Riverdance 


But Before we can be apart of the Riverdance we need to make sure we have shoes that fit properly to do our best Michael Flatly impression. 



Footwear can be very difficult for people to buy but outlined in this blog are some tips of what to look out for when shoe shopping and general foot care when wearing shoes.




Firstly I will go through what four basic characteristics you should look for in any shoe. From dress shoes to casual every day.  These include

  1. The shoe must bend at the big toe joint and nowhere else.

  2. The sole of the shoe should be higher at the back than at the front - we usually say a ratio of 2 fingers to 1. We call this the pitch of the shoe.

  3. Shoes should have laces or velcro so that the shoe holds onto the foot.

  4. Lastly comfort - if it’s not comfortable you won’t wear it!




Key Fitting Points to Look Out For

  • Beware of stitching inside the shoe that may rub on the top of your toes.

  • If you have a wide heel, look for a rounded back.

  • For high arched feet and those needing orthotics to fit into their boots, look for extra depth. You could also look for a shoe that the original insoles easily comes out of

  • Try before you buy! Don’t be tempted by cheaper online prices. Sizes vary between companies. I would recommend trying on a few different sizes to be sure they are comfortable.

  • When getting shoes shop in the evening as your feet swell throughout the day.

  • You should have a thumb width between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe.




Did you know that most people are wearing one size too small? Wrongly fitting shoes causes injuries. We see it all the time. We’ve listed common ailments from shoes that are too narrow or small. Do you experience any of the following:

Pointed toe and slip-on shoes could also be the culprits of your foot woes. Certain types of shoes rub against areas like your toes and heels, which can cause ingrown toenails, aggravate bunions, blisters, corns and callus.



Common problems when shoes are too narrow:

  • Pain around the outside of the foot (pinky toe side)

  • Rubbing/blistering or callus on the sides of the big or little to

  • Blowing out the upper where the little toe sits

  • Ingrowing toenails



Common problems when shoes are too small:

  • Pain on the top of the foot or the sides of the foot

  • Rubbing/blistering or callus at the ends of the toes & heel

  • General nail thickening or bruising

  • Corns in between the toes



Lastly walking barefoot is hazardous. Sharp objects can become lodged in the foot resulting in pain and infection. This should be avoided at all cost.



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