We have all been there, neglected a niggle in our foot and told ourselves that it would probably go away. Weeks have passed, even months, and it’s only getting worse. Then finally, when we are hobbling around barely able to walk, we decide to seek help…

Well, at Achilles Foot Clinic, we are here to help you.

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Should You See a Podiatrist for Heel Pain? Here's How to Know

April 29, 20242 min read

Heel pain. It's a common foe, affecting millions and turning daily walks into a test of endurance. While some heel pain resolves on its own with a little rest and TLC, others might require professional intervention. But how do you know when to seek help from a podiatrist?

Here at Achilles Foot Clinic, we want to empower you to make informed decisions about your foot health. Here are some key signs that your heel pain warrants a visit to the podiatrist:

Red Flags: When Heel Pain Demands Attention

  • Persistent Pain: If your heel pain persists for more than a few weeks, especially despite home remedies like rest and ice, it's time to see a podiatrist.

  • Painful Mornings: Does your heel feel stiff and especially painful when you take your first steps in the morning? This could indicate plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain, and a podiatrist can recommend the best course of treatment.

  • Sharp or Throbbing Pain: Dull aches might be manageable at home, but sharp, stabbing pains or throbbing sensations are a red flag. These could indicate a more serious condition like a stress fracture or nerve impingement.

  • Swelling or Redness: If your heel is not only painful but also swollen and red, it could be a sign of an infection. Don't delay – see a podiatrist right away.

  • Limited Mobility: Is your heel pain impacting your ability to walk normally, climb stairs, or participate in activities you enjoy? Don't let pain limit your life. A podiatrist can help diagnose the cause and create a treatment plan to get you moving freely again.

  • Accompanying Symptoms: If your heel pain is accompanied by other symptoms like numbness, tingling, fever, or difficulty bending your foot, seek professional help immediately.

Taking Charge of Your Heel Pain

Early intervention is key to managing heel pain effectively. Don't wait for the pain to worsen before seeking professional help. A podiatrist can diagnose the underlying cause of your heel pain, recommend personalised treatment options, and help you get back on your feet feeling your best.

Don't walk through life in pain. Contact Achilles Foot Clinic today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a pain-free future!

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